Organising a Party Bus to Take You to Your School Formal

If you have a group of friends heading to your formal as friends rather than in dates, a party bus can be a great way to get in the party mode while getting everyone to the formal. Here are some reasons to consider a party bus rather than limousines. Party buses have loads of advantages over a limousine.

Party Buses Are Cheaper per Head

If you have a large group of friends, the cost of a party bus is likely to be lower per head than a limousine. Limousines can be hard to get in 'formal season' particularly if you don't get in super early in the year.

Great Atmosphere

Party buses are set up with great music tracks on rotation and often have a dance floor and video channel set up where you can get the favourite tunes on your phone or mobile music player pumping out as well as cool lighting set ups. It's like starting the party early, rather than just being a way of getting transported from one location to another.

You Can Be Single and Mingle

Not only that, but it's a lot less awkward to be single on a bus of partiers, than being single when you sitting crammed in the back of a limousine between all of your coupled up pals. Party buses can handle groups of up to 50, where as limousines are much more limited in their seating.

Your school formal is a great time to celebrate all of the important relationships you have made over your years at high school, not just your latest girlfriend or boyfriend. A party bus lets you light up your social media feed with group shots before the formal even starts and hang out with all of your mates!

It's Safe

Parents tend to get a little nervous about parties without 'adult' supervision, even if some of your friends are technically adults themselves! A party bus gives everyone a venue for the pre-formal party without any parents needing to offer up their house, and has a built in mechanism to stop people showing up unexpectedly (a moving venue with a guest list!). It's the answer to a concerned parent's queries.

If you are looking at your school formal transport options, a party bus can be a great option. Why not work out how many of your friends are looking for transport still and start contacting party bus hirers to see what your options are.

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