Things to find out before hiring a yacht

Hiring or chartering a yacht is a great holiday idea for travelling around in an unrestricted manner. A yacht hire costs about the same as paying for a traditional cruise, but it can get complicated. Chartering can be done either by voyage (route taken) or the time spent on the yacht. 

Before hiring a yacht, you should find out the following:


The cost of chartering is not fixed and varies depending on a couple of factors. Seasons affect the prices, with the high season that is characterized by many bookings being the most expensive. The low season has the least bookings and the lowest prices. Knowing when to book would save you a few costs.

Having an adequately provisioned yacht would also increase the cost as opposed to having little or nothing at all.

Crew provisions

If you are not a qualified sailor or if you have no sailing knowledge, then you would want to hire a yacht with its sailor. Otherwise, you would be stuck on the docks after having paid a lot. Other crew members such as cooks and cleaning staff would help to ease your travelling experience by doing the cooking and cleaning work for you. Fully provisioned yachts would be more comfortable.

Restrictions on what to carry

Find out what you can carry along. You may want to carry along your pet as you cruise around, but some boats may not allow this. It is important to find out whether there are any limitations so that you are not turned back before boarding.

Size of the vessel

By knowing the size of the vessel, you will be able to know how much stuff to carry along. On a big boat, you can bring along as much as you want, but the case would be different on a smaller boat. It is, however, not necessary to carry a lot of items such as clothes and shoes as most of your time will be spent in swimsuits.

Vessel particulars

Check that the vessel is a bona fide charter boat and, besides having been registered, ensure that it meets all safety requirements. You can hire a boat from a small company but a larger one will give you a wider selection with a variety of prices, and you can relax knowing the vessel is fully registered and that it meets all safety requirements. You could do some research and even ask from people who have been on board before about their experiences to find out if it is any good.

You should also examine the vessel before hiring for any damages such as dents and scratches so that you are not erroneously billed later on.

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